Paper Boys, Media Outlets and T-Rex

838-02487718erShawnee, Oklahoma, 1959-1964.

It’s 5:00 AM on a very typical winter morning in the prairie; bone-breaking cold with frost, ice, or snow (more often than not, all three) covering everything in sight.  Even the air seems to be solidified with ice.  The ever-present prairie wind is biting into my exposed face while simultaneously shaking the icicles off the now bare pecan trees which, like bombs dropped by some unseen aircraft, crash onto the corrugated steel roof of the barn/garage creating a sound I’m occasionally reminded of as cars slam into one another at a busy intersection; minus the screeching tires.

Like stalagmites and stalactites joined over centuries of undisturbed formation, icicles are hanging from the eves of the house; or are they standing from the ground?  I can no longer tell, for they form an almost prison-like cell around the porch caging me in until I’m ready to “break free” for the first of two daily routines; my part in the promulgation of news.

I firmly believe the inventor of the Frisbee was once a kid with a paper route.  Those of us old enough to remember this routine can recall the simple, but well respected skill of folding a newspaper into a square and sailing them through the air from the street without so much as a break in peddling (unless of course your bicycle, like mine, was possessed), AND skillfully landing it on the porch, next to the door, on the opening side so the customer need but open the door for two seconds to retrieve the paper.

All this without hitting the door or house to avoid waking the customer.

Siting amongst several bundles of newspapers dropped by the “spotter truck,” earlier in the morning at the end of the long, dirt driveway, I’m using one bundle as a temporary chair (the first time is most certainly the last time one sits for longer than thirty seconds on a surface exposed to winter conditions in the prairie).  I’m rapidly folding each copy of the morning news, the “Shawnee News Star” and stuffing them into tight, organized rows inside the canvas satchels which hung on each side of my daily nemesis – the demonic Schwinn bicycle with nut-cracker bearings.

Oh how I would have loved to see that damned bicycle crushed, melted and left to rust in some long-forgotten junk yard.  Or better yet, throw it onto one of the busy RR tracks in Shawnee and watch with utter satisfaction as it received its just rewards; over and over again.

More fifty years later, it’s oddly contemptible to see some lunatic in a car swerving through the neighborhood at speeds even the Nevada Highway Patrol would take issue with on the freeway.  For the safety of my dogs, I don’t leave my backyard until this moron has made the loop through the neighborhood; like someone who has been on an all night binge, he/she carpet bombs the neighborhood, depositing massive bundles of “newspapers” wherever they may fall.

If the reader is fortunate, the paper is at least in the same neighborhood as their house, but he/she must retrieve it from the neighbor’s yard, from under the car, or even from atop the car.

Like the paperboys of the 1950’s, 60’s and earlier, printed news is on the brink of extinction.  Some will blame everything from gossip to technology.  “Some Newspapers are unequivocal in pointing the fingers of blame at the Internet, as if it were a vampire wolf gobbling precious advertising revenue.”

As is often the case in human nature, people point fingers at symptoms rather than the cause and a loss in ad revenue is just that; another symptom.

Once a true art; unbiased, unabashed and sincerely concerned in informing the public at all costs, printed media was a trusted companion for anyone with a driveway or within walking distance to a news stand.  Just as the airwave artists of a long gone era, John Cameron Swayze, David Brinkley, Chet Huntley, Walter Cronkite, and the king of media, Edward R Murrow, printed media likewise earned admiration, respect and dedicated readers amongst the world.

But that was then.  And this is now; wherein I see two major afflictions killing off the media outlets:

  1. PROFIT:  Media has evolved, like so many other aspects of American life, into a single-minded entity with one purpose and one purpose only; to earn shareholder dividends.  As long as profit is turned; as long as the corporate CEOs and Chairs continue to receive their absurdly massive and unearned income; like a beheaded snake biting its unattached body in reflexive behavior, media will continue to commit suicide while the rest of us search for quality information rather than page after page of political opinion and manipulation.
  2. TARGETED AUDIENCE:  Without great effort, one cannot find a printed newspaper that is anything more than editorialized, polarized bullshit.  Regardless of your “political pole,” be it left, right or in between, US media outlets have become so polarized due to their efforts to support the particular corporate leadership’s political agenda, they no longer seek “news,” but a storyline which fits the company image.  In doing so, the media outlets focus on a diminished audience, serving the interests of those most like the media ownership.

Regardless of what we see in the self-serving media, there are no other problems, two simple solutions, and, it doesn’t take a grossly overpaid, under-achieving executive to see the problem and to correct the issue.

The correlation between the paperboy/the early-morning lunatics and news then/now is obvious and impossible to ignore.  Quality is always better than high-speed, sloppy volume; bullshit is bullshit – it stinks and our media outlets are packed full of bullshit.  Nobody wants to deal with it, and certainly; nobody wants to pay for it.

Unlike T-Rex which had little to say about its extinction, printed and even airwave media outlets are rabidly seeking their own demise with short-sighted, delusional, profit-oriented goals.  If they find themselves extinct, there will be nobody to point the fingers at but themselves.

Perhaps T-Rex and the US media outlets have more in common than extinction – they’re both nothing more than overgrown chickens pecking away at the little stuff while the important stuff, the stuff we readers truly wish to read and with which to keep ourselves informed.


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The Day We Fight Back: Protest NSA Surveillance on Your Blog

The Day We Fight Back: Protest NSA Surveillance on Your Blog.

Our government has taken too many steps towards total control and we MUST fight back against mass surveillance or lose our constitutional rights.

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From the Afghans and Iraqis to Obama: Thank You!

A few thoughts and thank you videos from the Iraqis to Obama and all those who continue to parrot his words; “we’re out of Iraq.”
The first video, identified as “Baghdad, Iraq, May–­September 2005,” showed Blackwater convoys racing through town. Suddenly, the door of a Blackwater SUV opened and a rifle fired at passing traffic. “They opened the door,” my companion said. “You should never break the seal.”

The next tape had been taken by a camera in the turret of an armored vehicle. An M4A1 fired from the turret at cars that had stopped to let the convoy pass. Whoever was firing the gun did so enthusiastically and often, sending rounds into parked cars and an overhead bridge. Another sequence showed a contractor vehicle rear-ending a car, shattering its back windshield.

The footage continued. A Humvee smashed into a car to move it out of the way. Guards swore at passersby. More armored vehicles smashed into civilian cars.

Blackwater helicopters shoot at targets below in a Baghdad street.

Driving along a wide boulevard in Baghdad, the lead vehicle swerved close to the curb of a traffic island. A woman in a black full-length burka began to cross the street. The vehicle struck the woman and knocked her unconscious body into the gutter. The cars slowed for a moment, but did not stop, nor did they even determine whether the victim was dead or alive. A voice in the car taking the video said, “Oh, my God!” Yet no one was heard on the radio requesting help for her. Most sickeningly, the sequence had been set to an AC/DC song, whose pounding, metallic chorus declared: “You’ve been… thunderstruck!”

Harper’s Magazine

Well these are ancient videos and Blackwater is no longer you say?  Blackwater met its demise?  Well, if you think that’s fact, here’s a reality check for you;  Blackwater, after its “run-in with the law” over its behavior in Iraq

did what many U.S. corporations do after they’ve been “outed by the law,” and assumed a new identity known as Xe and appointed John Ashcroft as their “Ethics Watchdog.”  As we know all too well a single reboot is often inadequate and since many saw through this farce for what it was, they’ve once again rebranded as Academi and to get their business back to the main stream acceptance as murderers for hire, they quietly bought another security firm, International Development Solutions, and took over its State Department’s $10 billion World Protective Services contract, from which their predecessor Blackwater was removed years ago.

So, we’ve gone full circle, from King George II and Blackwater to Obama and Academi;  the names have all been changed to protect kill the innocent and to fool the public, but make no mistake, their mission remains the same and Obama can no longer continue to use his favored phrase “this was brought about by the previous administration.”

America is out of Iraq?  Hardly!  We went there to stay and we’ll do so by invasion or by contract and Barack Obama and his band of merry mercenaries are leading the way, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Iran, to Syria to Egypt.  But!  It’s those dirty little mercenaries doing that, not the current administration.  Right?

In this case, the matter is most definitely not “Academic” rather it is Academi.

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Surely! They Droned On and On and On

Seemingly oblivious to the cause and effect of blowback, the Bush “Shocked In Self Awe” and the Obama “Rama Lama Boom Bang” of the past 12 years continues to provide us with ample unreasonable reasoning to continue the perpetual sate of war in the new American Frontier; the American Middle-East.  We’ve extended Manifest Destiny beyond the confines of U.S. borders and a century and a half late, flexing our bully-muscle towards the entire neighborhood of Mother Earth with a mental block towards civility that makes John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer the very models of neighborhood welcoming committees.

Abu Yahya al-Libi?  Is this even a real person?  Sounds a bit more like some divine ditty from a ya ya sisterhood to me.  Hmm, maybe Obama didn’t like that movie any more than I did!  But sure as hell, there he is in living; ahh dammit! I meant dead color.  Somehow in a few short weeks after bin Laden’s death, he is now, uh er uhm was, the infamous, dreaded and much-feared “Senior al-Qaeda”or should that be, in Bush vernacular, Al Kayeeeeeda leader.  Yippee ki-ya mother fucker!  We got that suddenly senior leader from outa nowhere and we did so suddenly with a missile from outa nowhere!  Boom!  Bang!  Your dead dude!  I’ll teach your ass to have a ditty for name!

Why the sudden shift from an almost remorseful, seemingly benevolent modesty to outrageous boasting?

Ding Dong bin Laden is Dead

Surely!  There are others who think it more than just a bit odd, how from the start Obama insisted upon maintaining only vague references to bin Laden’s death once he announced his wondrously, all be it highly suspicious, unlikely and absurdly unbelievably successful covert operation against the kingpin of terrorism only to now stand atop the rotunda of the Capitol Building to beat his chest like some moron from WWF’s latest “championship match” a few weeks later.

Surely!  It’s not odd to just me, that suddenly Obama, with his War Powers Act in his back pocket tickling his ass so much he had to scratch it or go insane, he awoke one morning to the realization that he’d discovered his abilities were nothing less than superhuman and could kill with absolute impunity anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Surely!  Others see the political rhetoric of the current bully administration’s sudden change from “toning it down a bit” to “droning” this shit to death.

This is all about one thing and one thing only; about winning over the right-wing elitist and their demagogues along with the morons who vote right-wing because, well because!  For the Bible tells me so!  This isn’t about murder for hire, it’s about murder for votes; nothing less and nothing more.

This is about blinding the masses with propaganda that is hell-bent for leather to destroy what civility is left within the world and doing so with the powers that a single individual holds, the powers of POTUS.  Not one person with even a miniscule amount of sanity can parrot; “this is a man who cannot do things on his own,” or “the president is not a king and must act within the confines of the system,” for this is in fact, in all sobering, hard-ass reality, a one-man show; make no doubt about it.  And it has been well planned to be such for  over a half century, since Korea and Vietnam; since Reagan invaded El Salvador, Clinton invaded Kosovo, King George I  and II invaded Iraq, Afghanistan and Iraq yet again, since our present example of omnibenevolence, Obama Boom Bang, attacked sovereign countries such as Libya, Yemen, The Philippines and Pakistan and is now rattling his sabre at Syria and even Egypt for Chrissake!  And you’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the sabre-rattling over Iran, so I’ll not belabor that with links.

Surely!  I am not the only one who sees the threat to the world in the politics of the now Un-tied States.  With people uselessly heading to the polls to vote party lines this November because there is no other choice; well even they can see what’s going on now.


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In 1988, my first and only child was born and with her birth came the almost indescribable and unimaginable mixture of emotions that I’m certain most new parents experience.  The minute she appeared, I knew without hesitation that someone with a severely twisted sense of humor was standing over some cosmic blender creating ad hoc a numbing concoction of torturous emotions.

This twisted chef with green drool dripping from its evil grin, glowing eyes and demonic chuckle was tossing in equal parts of excitement, trepidation, fear, angst, joy, hope, worry and some extra “holy shit; what in hell did we do?” then for a little extra fun pours in some exhaustion and some god-awfully smelly diapers; turns on the blender to puree and sits back to enjoy the fun.

And there you have it; the very reason(s) my daughter is an only child AND my utter confusion as to why the rest of the world fails to see and utilize the easiest, cheapest, most natural form of population-limiting birth control available; the experience of the first child.

What person bearing any semblance of sanity whatsoever would do such a thing more than once???  Even in my youthful stupidity I learned after the first time not to jump out of the back of a pickup onto the gravel road while traveling at 30mph, so I ask; why does ANYONE repeatedly slam their heads against the proverbial concrete sidewalk?

As if the concoction wasn’t quite right, the demon cook, now bored with the original maelstrom swirling around in the pureed mass of what was once a stable, happily married, fun-loving, human couple belatedly tosses in education to spice it up a bit.

What to do!  Where to go!  How do we know what’s right for her?  “Holy shit; what in hell did we do?”

In California, shortly after the human can of gasoline was tossed into our fire, a hotly debated issue began to emerge during what can easily be seen now as the dawn of the decline of the world’s seventh largest economy; a debate centered around what, perhaps arguably was once the premier system of easily accessible higher education as it began showing the signs of failure and in fact is now literally coming apart at the seams.  Granted, we had a few years to worry about higher education, but the immediate concern of primary education was even then a system that was already in the throes of decay.

If one studies education in the United States they can readily see a less than stellar system from the very beginning.  We have, rather than education, a means to instill conformity and rudimentary training, the development of which, curiously enough coincided with the Industrial Revolution.

For the average Jack and Jill in the United States we don’t actually have a system of personal education and never have; what we do have is a hodgepodge of the six “Rs” – readin, rote, ritin, rithmatic, religion and racism; all traits that were necessary to work in the United States’ industrial complex developed simultaneously with the “education” system of the mid 19th century, the system that still exists (all be it in a dilapidated form) today.

Ralph Waldo Emerson – “We learn nothing rightly until we learn the symbolical character of life….I believe that our own experience instructs us that the secret of Education lies in respecting the pupil. It is not for you to choose what he shall know, what he shall do. It is chosen and foreordained, and he only holds the key to his own secret. By your tampering and thwarting and too much governing he may be hindered from his end and kept out of his own. Respect the child. Wait and see the new product of Nature. Nature loves analogies, but not repetitions. Respect the child. Be not too much his parent. Trespass not on his solitude.”

Also, in the womb of American education was a system developed in the far northeastern sector of the United States, a system of vouchers which would allow a student to attend a public school in a local community outside that in which the student lived as a stop-gap measure for small townships which could not afford to establish a formal education system on their own.

However! In the mid 1950s, an economist and metacapitalist by the name of Milton Friedman promoted the concept of vouchers for an entirely different reason – to promote privatization of public education.  Friedman’s theory was that privatizing the education system would promote “healthy competition,” thereby improving the quality of education.  Given the fact that this debate was considered as long ago as 62 years, gives reason to believe that education in America was less than stellar even then.

Friedman’s theory of “free market education” is widely accepted by most, if not all right-wing ultra-conservatives (and to be fair, a small congregation of “Democrats” as well) including billionaire John T Walton (son of Walmart’s founder Sam Walton), Grover Norquist, David Boaz and Ed Crane of the Cato Institute; conservative author Dinesh D’Souza; Dean Clancy, who was an education policy analyst for House Majority Leader Dennis Hastert; and Howard Phillips, the once president of the Conservative Caucus.

Wisconsin State Representative Chris Sinicki, who was a Milwaukee School Board member when vouchers began in Milwaukee in 1990, says there is no doubt that vouchers “are a Republican strategy to take down public education and the unions. This is partisan politics, completely.”

Other very notable conservatives include John McCain and the Republican Party’s heir-apparent, Willard Mitt Romney.

When you look at the true underlying reasons in support for privatization of education, you quickly realize that it has absolutely nothing to do with education in and of itself, in fact I dare say that most of the supporters probably couldn’t care less about the benefits of real education for those in what they perceive as the lessor ranks of America’s society; or perhaps they do care and fear the results that educating the masses would give rise to; at any rate the issue emanates purely from political and economical classification; it divides the classes more effectively than anything else other than direct ethnic and racist policies.

From an ultra-capitalist’s “republic” perspective, the privatization of education accomplishes the following:

  • Creates a multi-billion dollar windfall for corporations
  • Aids in the ever-present goal of the conservative’s superiority concept of separating the cream from the milk so to speak
  • Reduces the concept of public sector
  • Drastically reduces, if not totally disbanding unions related to education, one of the few remaining union strongholds and arguably the most influential
  • Redistribution of wealth and political power

The name of another supporter should be of no surprise to you for his home state continues to make attempts to privatize education and George W Bush continues to promote his reign’s failures in education policies.

In less than a month, on June 22, King George II will bring his charade-parade to Las Vegas to continue his promotion of separating the economic and social classes in the U.S.  He will be speaking (if one can logically use that term within the same sentence as George W Bush) at Mandalay Bay during a meeting of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities – APSCU an organization that promotes furthering the already misuse of more than 32 billion dollars in OUR tax money for private business, a presentation sponsored by an organization highly suspect in fraudulent use of non-profit funds to influence politics – Pearson

Pearson is a large, publicly-traded, corporate conglomerate diversified in publishing textbooks (ask ANY student about the absurd costs of textbooks and see for yourself the wondrous effects of capitalism in education), testing and certification, education software development and consumer publication.

Any time King George II is in town, I will be there along with the rest of Occupy Las Vegas, to protest the continued funneling of tax dollars to private organizations.  We need to improve education for our children and for the future of this country, not hand over to Wall Street our tax money to do what we’ve seen them do best – destroy our future.

There are social benefits that should NEVER be privatized; education, healthcare, fire and police protection, social aid and government itself and  I worry the latter on the list is not far away as we continue to see our social programs be consumed as rapidly as we consume fossil fuels.

I worry about the future of my daughter and the future of all Earth’s children as our politicians continue to give what wealth we have remaining to the private corporations to expand the ever-widening gap between the elite and the rest of us.

For more on this story, see David Halperin’s article on “Huff Post.”


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Obama’s Plans to “Occupy Africa”

Obama’s Elitist Corporate Food Machine Heading To Africa


Published on Friday, May 18, 2012 by Common Dreams

Obama’s ‘Poverty-Relieving’ Plan for Africa a Profit Boon for Giant Agribusiness

$3 billion investment from BigAg leaves sustainable agriculture, small-scale farmers’ voices behind

- Common Dreams staff

President Obama’s announcement today of $3 billion in private investments in a poverty- and hunger-relieving plan for Africa is set to be a boon for giant agribusiness, a move critics say leaves small-scale farmers and agro-ecological methods in the dust.

Chad Food Crisis: a market garden helps provide income and food security

“The rhetoric is all about small-scale producers,

but they haven’t yet been a part of the G-8’s conversation,”

Lamine Ndiaye of Oxfam said. (photo: Oxfam International)

The pledged investments come from agricultural behemoths including Dupont, Monsanto and Cargill.

The G8, now meeting in Maryland, has presented a view of private investments as a way of solving poverty.

“The G8 must not give in to the temptation to make bold and convenient assumptions about the private sector as a development panacea,” said Gawain Kripke, Director of Policy and Research at Oxfam America.

Raj Shah, the administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, argued that a public-sector solution to alleviating hunger is “highly unlikely.” Kripke, however, dismisses that claim.

“There is no evidence that the growing focus on private sector engagement at the expense of other approaches will truly deliver for the fight against hunger,” said Kripke.

The planned investment does not bring the voices of small-scale farmers to the table, but does set a plan for massive profits to be reaped by giant agribusiness. “The rhetoric is all about small-scale producers, but they haven’t yet been a part of the G-8’s conversation,” Lamine Ndiaye of Oxfam said. Giant agribusiness’ “objective is not to fight against hunger; their objective is to make money” Ndiaye said.

Ronnie Cummins, Director of Organic Consumers Association, states that the Obama approach to alleviating hunger through the investment of corporations is “misguided.” “To help the world’s two billion small farmers and rural villagers survive and prosper we need to help them gain access, not to genetically engineered seeds and expensive chemical inputs; but rather access to land, water, and the tools and techniques of traditional, sustainable farming: non-patented open-pollinated seeds, crop rotation, natural compost production, beneficial insects, and access to local markets.”

“Bill Gates, Monsanto, and Barack Obama may believe that genetic engineering and chemical-intensive agriculture are the tools to feed the world, but a look at the ‘fatal harvest’ of modern agribusiness tells a different story. Not only can climate-friendly, healthy organic agriculture practices feed the world, but in fact organic farming is the onlyway we are going to be able to feed the world,” added Cummins.

* * *

Reuters: Obama to announce $3 billion from private sector to relieve hunger in Africa

U.S. President Barack Obama will announce a new public-private partnership program on Friday, seeking to spur this weekend’s summit of the wealthy G8 to focus on market methods to boost production, particularly among hardscrabble small-scale farmers in Africa who may hold the key to improved world food supplies. [...]

Other partnership projects include seed product packs tailored to African farmers from Swiss agrochemicals giant Syngenta, improved telecommunications access from British telecoms firm Vodafone and a potential African site for a proposed $2 billion fertilizer production facility planned by Norway’s Yara International.

* * *

McClatchy: Obama to announce Africa farm plan to relieve poverty

President Barack Obama will announce an alliance Friday with nearly 50 companies to boost productivity among small farmers in Africa with the goal of lifting 50 million people out of poverty.

Business executives from agricultural giants such as DuPont and Monsanto will join Obama, along with the leaders of three African countries who have pledged policy changes that U.S. officials say will improve business climates and encourage investment.

* * *

Statement from Ronnie Cummins, Director of Organic Consumers Association:

“Study after study has shown that organic, agro-ecological farming practices on small diverse farms can boost yields in Africa and the developing world from 100-1000% over the yields of chemical-intensive or genetically engineered mono-crop farms. To help the world’s two billion small farmers and rural villagers survive and prosper we need to help them gain access, not to genetically engineered seeds and expensive chemical inputs; but rather access to land, water, and the tools and techniques of traditional, sustainable farming: non-patented open-pollinated seeds, crop rotation, natural compost production, beneficial insects, and access to local markets. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) reduce crop yields, and increase pesticide use, even according to USDA statistics. Bill Gates, Monsanto, and Barack Obama may believe that genetic engineering and chemical-intensive agriculture are the tools to feed the world, but a look at the “fatal harvest” of modern agribusiness tells a different story. Not only can climate-friendly, healthy organic agriculture practices feed the world, but in fact organic farming is the only way we are going to be able to feed the world.”

* * *

Tamra Gilbertson of Carbon Trade Watchexplains:

‘CDM support can end up rewarding companies for their failure to abide by the law. It subsidizes fossil fuel exploitation, and can undermine efforts to promote waste separation and reduction, while offering little or no financial benefit to the host country and causing harm to local communities.’

The United Nation’s carbon offset mechanism is rewarding pollution, and could lead to a land grab for industrial biofuels, tree plantations, genetically modified crops and biochar projects in Africa

A new briefing, titled ‘The CDM in Africa: marketing a new land grab‘, produced by the Gaia Foundation in collaboration with the African Biodiversity Network, Carbon Trade Watch, Timberwatch Coalition and Biofuelwatch, examines the experience of the United Nation’s carbon market, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), and looks at emerging threats.Photo by Timberwatch.

Through the CDM, developed countries claim to offset their emissions, by paying to support developing country projects that are supposed to either reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or absorb carbon dioxide. Until now, only 2% of CDM projects have been located in Africa, as the majority of current projects are connected to industrial emissions. However, increasing numbers of African biofuel and industrial tree plantation projects are entering the CDM pipeline. Further proposals to include other land-use methodologies could lead to an aggressive African land grab.

The briefing finds that the CDM creates perverse incentives for polluting activities. In the Niger Delta, an oil company is currently paid to stop its illegal gas flaring. In Durban, South Africa, a controversial toxic rubbish dump and community health hazard, which should have been closed years ago, is gaining CDM credits for generating ‘clean electricity’ using methane from the dump as fuel.

* * *

Apparently the destruction of Africa by Shell Oil and the rest of big oil and “Making Mermaids Cry” isn’t enough for backers of the U.S. political machine, so they’re now going after their food production too.

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The world is literally packed with news of political, or more appropriately social dissention today. Revolution is so ripe in the air one can almost taste it with our eyes; we need not even look beyond the first page of Google News to see it, in black and white and frequently red; blood red. You can’t miss it! Even in its most hushed presentation, typically benign through design, you cannot escape it. Some examples from today’s news:

Washington Post – “Head of Syrian opposition group offers to resign amid criticism, infighting.”

CNN – “The trillion dollar question: Will Greece exit the euro?”

Chicago Tribune – “At least 44 killed in offensive on Yemen militants”

Huffington Post – “Nonviolent and Community Action Produces Results in Mideast”

The New America – “U.S. Special Forces Being Deployed to Protect “Security” of Yemen”

And the list, which doesn’t include the massive unrest in the Arab world of the past few months, nor the protests in Europe is virtually endless.

But, even in all its seemingly ageless similarities there’s a prominent novelty in today’s unrest; a struggle that feels, sounds, looks, smells and tastes different.

Is it the fact that the United States continues to bully the world that’s novel?

Although that is surely prevalent and is a concern that almost transcends the very definition of “being concerned,” that’s not it, but that is another story for another day.  Moreover, this new unrest is appearing in droves within the United States as well, so I dare say that it isn’t, of its own accord the issue.  Not even the political divides created by the worlds myopic and inept politicians, nor the differences in culture, ethnicity, or race can be attributed to this angst.

What, then is the issue that seems to be devouring the world’s population from within?

Today’s unrest is firmly and deeply entrenched in the very roots of a commonality so firmly ingrained in the human condition that you might even think it could be traced in our DNA and that common thread is simply, the activity of trade.

Trade; an exchange of one thing for another, or in a slightly expanded definition it would be; an exchange of one thing, or service for another thing or service.

If we could break the issues of the entire world out, one by one to the most basic of mankind’s issues and analyze them to amplify the root cause, above ALL else, trade is undeniably the single source of today’s angst; it owns the eternal patent to the dubious claim on today’s worldwide unrest; beyond racism, bigotry and religious divide, it is irrefutably the most divisive and troubling paradigm amongst the population of the world today.

Please keep in mind that this is not a study in economics for I am not, even by the most generous use of the term an economist, nor is it a detailed history of the progression of economy.  What it is, however, is an encapsulation of the evolution of the human condition related to the culture of trade as we know it today.  To detail such a cultural change would take far more than a simple blog to outline, much less detail.

The concept of trade which is almost as old as man himself is, in its simplest of forms, exchanging something one has for something one needs or wants and likewise, in it’s simplest form, both necessary and good; a barter for resources or service for the mutual benefit of the participants.

“A barter for resources or service for the mutual benefit of the participants.”

This is a key phrase, for within that phrase lies the very answer to both the world’s ailments and to the world’s remedies “for the mutual benefit of the participants.”

Think about it.  Man has traded since he’s been around; of course the act of trading has evolved significantly and quite nefariously so, but it has been here with us just as firmly as our DNA.  From trading cattle for goats, or a fresh kill from a hunt shared for a group’s mutual and most basic needs of food, safety, shelter and survival, the act of trading began as an automatic, almost predetermined behavior to ensure survival of self, of community and ultimately, humanity.

As in any root cause analysis, one would and SHOULD then logically ask; how is trade an issue?  And if it is; why?

As we explore the evolution of trade, we can see a gradual shift from trading for needs to trading for desires which in itself is a basic need.  Desires move people forward, they motivate us to change, to seek knowledge pertaining to our surroundings and to improve conditions in which we exist.  For thousands of years, trading was basic, it was a method of fulfilling needs that we couldn’t provide for ourselves and for providing to others needs they in turn could not provide for themselves.  Mutual benefit.

However!  As desires grew beyond the basic needs of mutual benefit to a desire for power, items of necessity became items of currency and a slow, imperceptible shift took root and that root is now the behemoth redwood of trade we have today, a tree containing economic philosophies sprouting limbs of a mixture of economic and social philosophies;  limbs of mercantilism, capitalism, socialism, communism and this tree contains a plethera of smaller branches stemming from the larger in endless ideals, theories, rules, regulations, politics, etc.  Trade grew from the root of basic needs to market-oriented mercantilism; economic change to the end result of ownership of scarce resources and with that ownership comes control and control transforms to power.

Power!  In a grossly over simplified version of the history of trade and the human condition, we have gone from trade for the mutual benefit of the participants to the trade for the benefit of trade itself and ultimately for the benefit of those with control over precious resources; resources literally made scarce by and for the sole benefit of those controlling those resources.

In its most grotesque and thoroughly corruptible form, trade has evolved from trading cows, to having more cowrie shells than the next person, to mercantilism to the purest form of absolute greed and control the world knows; the free, unmitigated, thoroughly corrupted, socio-economic system of capitalism.

In an estimated history of 11,000 years, we have gone from; you have two cows, I have none, let’s trade for something you need, to; I have all the damned cows and not just the cows, I have the milk, the meat and the manure as well and you aren’t getting any of them without due subservience.

Currency – trade evolved to the use of currency, a form of which we now use, a monetary system that has virtually no value – fiat money and like that money, the values that have been connected to it are literally worthless, yet we’re bound by them as surely as captives for slave trade were bound by the vast oceans.

We are now literally inundated with economic theories, most as propositions to apply Bandaids to stop the profuse bleeding from the carotid artery.   I dare say that there is a high probability of the existence of a ratio of 1:1 in theories to economists and while we’re being inundated with those self-serving economic theories, we’re drowning in politicians seeking to placate the owners of the cows so they may have a bit of the milk and I can gurantee that those politicians aren’t going to kill their own milk supply by enacting legislation to control those who own the cows; now are they?

No!  In fact, those politicians are going to do virtually anything and everything to ensure their flow of milk continues including controlling  (and even excluding) their constituents, to waging war on other countries who may either own additional cows or will try to obtain their own milk from the owners.

And the owners of the cows grow their farms with every piece of legislation they direct their politicians to enact.

We are continually manipulated and ruthlessly forced into battle against one another to determine which politician we wish to watch drink milk from the cow.

As if we are Michael Vick’s dogs in a pit, fighting for an owner who has absolutely no interest in our well-being, rather interest in the ultimate outcome, we scratch, bark, bite, howl and die; all so the owners of the cows and their politicians are safe and cozy, eating meat, drinking milk and heaping manure upon our dead bodies.  In the words of Noam Chomsky; “Plutonomy refers to the rich, those who buy luxury goods and so on, and that’s where the action is”….These days they’re sometimes called the “precariat” – people who live a precarious existence at the periphery of society.”

We don’t need more politicians,we don’t even need different politicians; we need NO politicians and we need an end to cow ownership.

There is an alternative to this madness and the alternative is so amazingly simple, so utterly obvious and so benign that it scares the hell out of the cattle rustlers and the horses they rode in on, their politicians; the fix will absolutely rid us of both and it will return us to harmony with nature, eliminate social disparity and will advance us beyond anything we have dreamt so far.

We will see an end to wars, for there will be no need or cause for them, an end to poverty, to greed, social stagnation and end to crime and and end to the world strife that we are witnessing today; for the world strife is seeking that of which I speak – social change.

We are not (or at least we should not be) seeking a change in direction using the same old broken vehicle, we are seeking a new vehicle entirely.  The world is seeking an end to the ever-increasing patchwork of efforts to keep the cows in the pastures of the greedy, we are seeking to distribute them to all.   For the mutual benefit of all.

There are no shortages of resources, there is only an unwillingness by the elite to participate in equitable distribution of those resources and they use their political pukes to control us; you and me, the mass of Earth’s population, for one purpose only – so they can own all the cows, thereby owning the power they hold over our heads to control us with.

We need but return to the centuries old practice of exchanging resources for the mutual benefit of all.  It is extraordinarily simple, it is absolutely achievable, sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially balanced; we need but end our polarization and forget left and right, stop fighting in the pit and simply say; “no!  No longer will we participate in your deceit, greed and hate-mongering.

Join the rest of the world in saying No!  Here’s how you can do that:



Together, we can make REAL , SUSTAINABLE , MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL change.

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