I Wish You Ill Will

I revere stark poverty; I admire squalid living conditions; I envy never-ending hopelessness; I relish rampant crime.  I support extremely high infant mortality rates, ghastly poor health amongst children and adults alike. For, I enjoy my piece of the pie and I not only don’t care about you missing your just desert, I fervently hope […]

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Rebecca Gordon|Saying No to Torture: A Gallery of American Heroes 

Originally posted on Rise Up Times:
Six Americans Who Prove Bush and Cheney Didn’t Have to Do It By Rebecca Gordon  TomDispatch.com  February 10, 2015 Read Tom Engelhardt’s introduction here. Why was it again that, as President Obama said, “we tortured some folks” after the 9/11 attacks? Oh, right, because we were terrified. Because everyone knows…

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Mohamedou Ould Slahi; Collateral Damage in The War on Morality in Government

terrorism [ter-uh-riz-uh-m]   noun   “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.” Terror and helplessness are the favored tools of evil.  Together, they destroy any semblance of sanity you may think you have; they wreak havoc upon your ability to reason, while taking you to unimaginable realms of depression and […]

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The Front Porch

I was reminded, while reading “Life on a Colorado Farm” a couple days ago, just how much the country has changed in a few decades.   Conspicuous in its absence, the front porch; once the center piece of communities, it is becoming a rare sight as the older homes disappear behind time’s unforgiving hands. The era […]

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Originally posted on boomers words of poor insight:
All change requires, to use a worn out phrase a “paradigm shift.”  In order for America to rise again we need a change in focus at the very foundation and what better place to start than with the educational process in the U.S? As for me, I…

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The Killing Machine

Fear, with its icy claws, rakes your sweat-drenched body leaving in their wake raw, exposed nerves. The cold, merciless gaze pierces your mind; every breath feels utterly futile as your body consumes oxygen faster than your lungs can replace it. The body that was once yours no longer obeys your commands; this must be what […]

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