The Rail Monster Within Us All

  Hot, humid, Oklahoma air slows the cottonwood seeds mid descent, their fall hindered until they very nearly hover in place.  Lazily drifting past me, hundreds of white gossamer umbrellas tumble lazily to the ground like a mid-summer snow flurry. Sitting on exposed roots of a blackjack oak poking out from under the rust-red clay […]

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Protectionism, or Personal Gain; Motives Behind Trump’s Tariff Binge?

Buffoon in Chief, Donkey Hotey (image courtesy United Steel Workers) seeing a rising tide of imports as a threat to the domestic metals industry Washington Post Via Wilbur Ross, yet another ventriloquist dummy pursuing power and security at our expense, we’re forced to endure one more whiff of the unbearable stench being emitted in a perpetual zephyr […]

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The Fossil Fuels of the Future

Culture; commonly defined as customary beliefs, social forms and norms, material traits of a racial, religious, or social group, foods, and laws shared by people in a place or time.   All humans, whomever and wherever we are, tend to establish these defining characteristics as an extension of who we are by assuming our cultural […]

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