The world is literally packed with news of political, or more appropriately social dissention today. Revolution is so ripe in the air one can almost taste it with our eyes; we need not even look beyond the first page of Google News to see it, in black and white and frequently red; blood red. You can’t miss it! Even in its most hushed presentation, typically benign through design, you cannot escape it. Some examples from today’s news:

Washington Post – “Head of Syrian opposition group offers to resign amid criticism, infighting.”

CNN – “The trillion dollar question: Will Greece exit the euro?”

Chicago Tribune – “At least 44 killed in offensive on Yemen militants”

Huffington Post – “Nonviolent and Community Action Produces Results in Mideast”

The New America – “U.S. Special Forces Being Deployed to Protect “Security” of Yemen”

And the list, which doesn’t include the massive unrest in the Arab world of the past few months, nor the protests in Europe is virtually endless.

But, even in all its seemingly ageless similarities there’s a prominent novelty in today’s unrest; a struggle that feels, sounds, looks, smells and tastes different.

Is it the fact that the United States continues to bully the world that’s novel?

Although that is surely prevalent and is a concern that almost transcends the very definition of “being concerned,” that’s not it, but that is another story for another day.  Moreover, this new unrest is appearing in droves within the United States as well, so I dare say that it isn’t, of its own accord the issue.  Not even the political divides created by the worlds myopic and inept politicians, nor the differences in culture, ethnicity, or race can be attributed to this angst.

What, then is the issue that seems to be devouring the world’s population from within?

Today’s unrest is firmly and deeply entrenched in the very roots of a commonality so firmly ingrained in the human condition that you might even think it could be traced in our DNA and that common thread is simply, the activity of trade.

Trade; an exchange of one thing for another, or in a slightly expanded definition it would be; an exchange of one thing, or service for another thing or service.

If we could break the issues of the entire world out, one by one to the most basic of mankind’s issues and analyze them to amplify the root cause, above ALL else, trade is undeniably the single source of today’s angst; it owns the eternal patent to the dubious claim on today’s worldwide unrest; beyond racism, bigotry and religious divide, it is irrefutably the most divisive and troubling paradigm amongst the population of the world today.

Please keep in mind that this is not a study in economics for I am not, even by the most generous use of the term an economist, nor is it a detailed history of the progression of economy.  What it is, however, is an encapsulation of the evolution of the human condition related to the culture of trade as we know it today.  To detail such a cultural change would take far more than a simple blog to outline, much less detail.

The concept of trade which is almost as old as man himself is, in its simplest of forms, exchanging something one has for something one needs or wants and likewise, in it’s simplest form, both necessary and good; a barter for resources or service for the mutual benefit of the participants.

“A barter for resources or service for the mutual benefit of the participants.”

This is a key phrase, for within that phrase lies the very answer to both the world’s ailments and to the world’s remedies “for the mutual benefit of the participants.”

Think about it.  Man has traded since he’s been around; of course the act of trading has evolved significantly and quite nefariously so, but it has been here with us just as firmly as our DNA.  From trading cattle for goats, or a fresh kill from a hunt shared for a group’s mutual and most basic needs of food, safety, shelter and survival, the act of trading began as an automatic, almost predetermined behavior to ensure survival of self, of community and ultimately, humanity.

As in any root cause analysis, one would and SHOULD then logically ask; how is trade an issue?  And if it is; why?

As we explore the evolution of trade, we can see a gradual shift from trading for needs to trading for desires which in itself is a basic need.  Desires move people forward, they motivate us to change, to seek knowledge pertaining to our surroundings and to improve conditions in which we exist.  For thousands of years, trading was basic, it was a method of fulfilling needs that we couldn’t provide for ourselves and for providing to others needs they in turn could not provide for themselves.  Mutual benefit.

However!  As desires grew beyond the basic needs of mutual benefit to a desire for power, items of necessity became items of currency and a slow, imperceptible shift took root and that root is now the behemoth redwood of trade we have today, a tree containing economic philosophies sprouting limbs of a mixture of economic and social philosophies;  limbs of mercantilism, capitalism, socialism, communism and this tree contains a plethera of smaller branches stemming from the larger in endless ideals, theories, rules, regulations, politics, etc.  Trade grew from the root of basic needs to market-oriented mercantilism; economic change to the end result of ownership of scarce resources and with that ownership comes control and control transforms to power.

Power!  In a grossly over simplified version of the history of trade and the human condition, we have gone from trade for the mutual benefit of the participants to the trade for the benefit of trade itself and ultimately for the benefit of those with control over precious resources; resources literally made scarce by and for the sole benefit of those controlling those resources.

In its most grotesque and thoroughly corruptible form, trade has evolved from trading cows, to having more cowrie shells than the next person, to mercantilism to the purest form of absolute greed and control the world knows; the free, unmitigated, thoroughly corrupted, socio-economic system of capitalism.

In an estimated history of 11,000 years, we have gone from; you have two cows, I have none, let’s trade for something you need, to; I have all the damned cows and not just the cows, I have the milk, the meat and the manure as well and you aren’t getting any of them without due subservience.

Currency – trade evolved to the use of currency, a form of which we now use, a monetary system that has virtually no value – fiat money and like that money, the values that have been connected to it are literally worthless, yet we’re bound by them as surely as captives for slave trade were bound by the vast oceans.

We are now literally inundated with economic theories, most as propositions to apply Bandaids to stop the profuse bleeding from the carotid artery.   I dare say that there is a high probability of the existence of a ratio of 1:1 in theories to economists and while we’re being inundated with those self-serving economic theories, we’re drowning in politicians seeking to placate the owners of the cows so they may have a bit of the milk and I can gurantee that those politicians aren’t going to kill their own milk supply by enacting legislation to control those who own the cows; now are they?

No!  In fact, those politicians are going to do virtually anything and everything to ensure their flow of milk continues including controlling  (and even excluding) their constituents, to waging war on other countries who may either own additional cows or will try to obtain their own milk from the owners.

And the owners of the cows grow their farms with every piece of legislation they direct their politicians to enact.

We are continually manipulated and ruthlessly forced into battle against one another to determine which politician we wish to watch drink milk from the cow.

As if we are Michael Vick’s dogs in a pit, fighting for an owner who has absolutely no interest in our well-being, rather interest in the ultimate outcome, we scratch, bark, bite, howl and die; all so the owners of the cows and their politicians are safe and cozy, eating meat, drinking milk and heaping manure upon our dead bodies.  In the words of Noam Chomsky; “Plutonomy refers to the rich, those who buy luxury goods and so on, and that’s where the action is”….These days they’re sometimes called the “precariat” – people who live a precarious existence at the periphery of society.”

We don’t need more politicians,we don’t even need different politicians; we need NO politicians and we need an end to cow ownership.

There is an alternative to this madness and the alternative is so amazingly simple, so utterly obvious and so benign that it scares the hell out of the cattle rustlers and the horses they rode in on, their politicians; the fix will absolutely rid us of both and it will return us to harmony with nature, eliminate social disparity and will advance us beyond anything we have dreamt so far.

We will see an end to wars, for there will be no need or cause for them, an end to poverty, to greed, social stagnation and end to crime and and end to the world strife that we are witnessing today; for the world strife is seeking that of which I speak – social change.

We are not (or at least we should not be) seeking a change in direction using the same old broken vehicle, we are seeking a new vehicle entirely.  The world is seeking an end to the ever-increasing patchwork of efforts to keep the cows in the pastures of the greedy, we are seeking to distribute them to all.   For the mutual benefit of all.

There are no shortages of resources, there is only an unwillingness by the elite to participate in equitable distribution of those resources and they use their political pukes to control us; you and me, the mass of Earth’s population, for one purpose only – so they can own all the cows, thereby owning the power they hold over our heads to control us with.

We need but return to the centuries old practice of exchanging resources for the mutual benefit of all.  It is extraordinarily simple, it is absolutely achievable, sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially balanced; we need but end our polarization and forget left and right, stop fighting in the pit and simply say; “no!  No longer will we participate in your deceit, greed and hate-mongering.

Join the rest of the world in saying No!  Here’s how you can do that:



Together, we can make REAL , SUSTAINABLE , MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL change.

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