Surely! They Droned On and On and On

Seemingly oblivious to the cause and effect of blowback, the Bush “Shocked In Self Awe” and the Obama “Rama Lama Boom Bang” of the past 12 years continues to provide us with ample unreasonable reasoning to continue the perpetual sate of war in the new American Frontier; the American Middle-East.  We’ve extended Manifest Destiny beyond the confines of U.S. borders and a century and a half late, flexing our bully-muscle towards the entire neighborhood of Mother Earth with a mental block towards civility that makes John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer the very models of neighborhood welcoming committees.

Abu Yahya al-Libi?  Is this even a real person?  Sounds a bit more like some divine ditty from a ya ya sisterhood to me.  Hmm, maybe Obama didn’t like that movie any more than I did!  But sure as hell, there he is in living; ahh dammit! I meant dead color.  Somehow in a few short weeks after bin Laden’s death, he is now, uh er uhm was, the infamous, dreaded and much-feared “Senior al-Qaeda”or should that be, in Bush vernacular, Al Kayeeeeeda leader.  Yippee ki-ya mother fucker!  We got that suddenly senior leader from outa nowhere and we did so suddenly with a missile from outa nowhere!  Boom!  Bang!  Your dead dude!  I’ll teach your ass to have a ditty for name!

Why the sudden shift from an almost remorseful, seemingly benevolent modesty to outrageous boasting?

Ding Dong bin Laden is Dead

Surely!  There are others who think it more than just a bit odd, how from the start Obama insisted upon maintaining only vague references to bin Laden’s death once he announced his wondrously, all be it highly suspicious, unlikely and absurdly unbelievably successful covert operation against the kingpin of terrorism only to now stand atop the rotunda of the Capitol Building to beat his chest like some moron from WWF’s latest “championship match” a few weeks later.

Surely!  It’s not odd to just me, that suddenly Obama, with his War Powers Act in his back pocket tickling his ass so much he had to scratch it or go insane, he awoke one morning to the realization that he’d discovered his abilities were nothing less than superhuman and could kill with absolute impunity anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Surely!  Others see the political rhetoric of the current bully administration’s sudden change from “toning it down a bit” to “droning” this shit to death.

This is all about one thing and one thing only; about winning over the right-wing elitist and their demagogues along with the morons who vote right-wing because, well because!  For the Bible tells me so!  This isn’t about murder for hire, it’s about murder for votes; nothing less and nothing more.

This is about blinding the masses with propaganda that is hell-bent for leather to destroy what civility is left within the world and doing so with the powers that a single individual holds, the powers of POTUS.  Not one person with even a miniscule amount of sanity can parrot; “this is a man who cannot do things on his own,” or “the president is not a king and must act within the confines of the system,” for this is in fact, in all sobering, hard-ass reality, a one-man show; make no doubt about it.  And it has been well planned to be such for  over a half century, since Korea and Vietnam; since Reagan invaded El Salvador, Clinton invaded Kosovo, King George I  and II invaded Iraq, Afghanistan and Iraq yet again, since our present example of omnibenevolence, Obama Boom Bang, attacked sovereign countries such as Libya, Yemen, The Philippines and Pakistan and is now rattling his sabre at Syria and even Egypt for Chrissake!  And you’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the sabre-rattling over Iran, so I’ll not belabor that with links.

Surely!  I am not the only one who sees the threat to the world in the politics of the now Un-tied States.  With people uselessly heading to the polls to vote party lines this November because there is no other choice; well even they can see what’s going on now.


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