In the End; Are We Merely Worm Food?

Deep ocean worm,SEM

Many indicators seem to be directing us towards a seemingly inevitable course – the end of humanity.

Be it anthropomorphic or just the natural course of the planet’s life and death, few can ignore the strong possibility that we’re on a collision course with destiny, perhaps even the same as that of T-Rex, the Neanderthals and the Mayans.

If the predictions and indicators are accurate, think about what this means; more than just the end of you and me; much, much more. All that we’ve accomplished collectively; all that we’ve learned, discovered, written, and created; would this just disappear as though we never existed, leaving the Voyager twins as the only testament to our existence?

Say, be it through our careless mismanagement of the planet, or through a completely unpreventable natural course of nature, it is in fact inevitable.

In the end; are we merely worm food?

I tend to agree with Jason Silva in that artificial intelligence may indeed be the next step in the evolution of humanity.

After all, what are we but humanity’s gains, stored in neurons; electrical pulses containing our thoughts, accomplishments, perceptions – everything that is us.  Perhaps, one of the greatest technological advancements of the 20th Century, the Internet is representational of the “next step.”

And, just maybe, the artificial intelligence many seem to fear is indeed the new “us.”

So; what do you think?

3 thoughts on “In the End; Are We Merely Worm Food?

    1. It can be, if we view it as us VS them.

      But I personally don’t think it’s the Orwellian nightmare most fear. Rather, the human race is not going to last forever; no species escapes extinction for that long.

      Even if we do somehow survive, we’ll eventually make it to other locations; either within our Solar System, or to interstellar locations (wouldn’t that be awesome to be a part of ?).

      Robots, I think, will be but our legacy, perhaps even the next step in our evolution. After all; nothing says evolution must be biological.

      And; what better way for the human race to ride off into the sunset (maybe literally) than to leave man-made machines containing virtually everything we know; every discovery; every advancement?

      Those in the future who find it (if they do) could either benefit tremendously, or, at the very least, see what we did with our tenure on the planet.

      Short of being here ourselves, nothing could say “we were here” better than a robot with artificial intelligence telling the future of our existence.

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