The Rise of the Fourth Reich

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To use the already excessively and often misquoted phrase “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” attributed to the philosopher, George Santayana, rolled into one eloquent eleven word phrase which, in its true form; “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” denotes a far more sinister and dangerous impact.  A horrifying thought now becoming a terrifying reality in the newly elected Reich Chancellor Trump.  With the help of course, the prodding and poking of the most extreme politician we’ve seen in the US since the Joseph McCarthy era, Steve Bannon, we have created an almost unstoppable phenomenon, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the rise of the Third Reich.

Ian Kershaw’s “Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris”, the purpose of which was certainly not to be prophetic, but has done exactly that; clearly warning us of impending disaster, reminding us of points which many, including historians, philosophers, and politicians alike are either ignorant to, or simply haven’t taken the time to truly consider.  The fact being that Hitler did not “rise to power”.  Rather; Hitler was propelled to power by the very people who, in turn, were persecuted and destroyed by the most unlikely of all politicians.

“That power derived only in part from Hitler himself. In greater measure, it was a social product – a creation of social expectations and motivations vested in Hitler by his followers. This does not mean that Hitler’s own actions, in the context of his expanding power, were not of the utmost importance at key moments. But the impact of his power has largely to be seen not in any specific attributes of ‘personality’, but in his role as Führer – a role made possible only through the underestimation, mistakes, weakness, and collaboration of others.”   Kershaw, Ian. Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris . W. W. Norton & Company. Kindle Edition.

And that power, to which any with a second grade education can attest, was both the rise of a despot and the downfall of a nation whose advancements in flight, construction, manufacturing, mathematics, social construct, etc. was far in advance of any other nation.  It, likewise, was the physical and social destruction of most of Europe and Russia, not to mention the deaths of more than three percent of the world’s population; deaths ranging anywhere from fifty million to eighty million human beings.

All on the words of one of the most despotic egomaniacs the world has known.

Up until now.

The similarities in which this catastrophe we now find ourselves are indisputable and, unless you’re one of those who insist upon the existence of “alternative facts” to justify your blind devotion to such a bigoted, hate-filled regime, they are utterly inescapable.  For those with whom we’ve placed our faith to protect us from such an atrocity, with the exception of a very small and vociferous group, have but one concern on their minds: “tell me precisely how much fellatio you require from me to keep my job”.

Despite the efforts of the likes of some truly good people, such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, and the sole Republican, Lindsey Graham and perhaps a few others who ever so quietly oppose him, the nation is now under the despotic rule of a man hellbent to destroy the very people who put him into power and we find ourselves in precisely the same scenario Germany found herself in; a disaster unfolding before our eyes.

Mr. Trump, in his efforts to destroy his predecessor’s steps to at least level the playing field somewhat, is behaving as the very 1930s child he models himself after, seeking retribution for a personal attack; a non-existent attack which, if it were reality, should be of utter insignificance to the billionaire.

Hitler himself behaved much in the same manner – throwing tantrums whenever things didn’t go as he expected.

Just as with Hitler; we don’t speak in terms of rationality when we speak of Trump.  Rather, a replay of an old game built by many who came before him with intellects far superior to his utter void of the same.

And again, with Hitler in 1930’s Germany, Tump is exhibiting the same absolute intolerance for others who are not of the same pasty white bigoted, racism; “his people”, who, to the very last one, subscribe to the dogma he promotes.

Unfortunately for us all, they’re playing the fool of fools in a game even they are destined to lose, for it is not the dogma in and of itself that Trump seeks to rain down upon our heads.

Indeed, the facade he’s creating; this bigotry, hate, and insanely over-amplified nationalism is working perfectly to hide his true intentions.

He’s succeeded in fooling many, but Trump is foolishly focusing on his remedial game of checkers, as he attempts to match wits with a master chess player; that player being Vladimir Putin, a man with skills far superior to those of his own in political manipulation; skills Trump could never achieve due to his absolute ignorance of anything outside his life-long protective bubble.

That attraction is beginning to turn the U.S. inwardly, dividing us as a nation and into a pariah, even amongst our best allies, as he informs each and every one of them, that he has no intentions of watching their six.  In fact; his behavior has served them all with notice; “the U.S. is neither interested in being your protector, nor even an ally”.  A message received loud and clear by many of our once inseparable friends.

The absolutely impossible-to-build wall of shame with which he’s attempting to appease the racists in this nation has completely alienated Mexico.  A checker which is the first of many checkers to be taken out by Putin’s masterful manipulation of the fool who sees nothing outside his maniacal ego.

And for no reason whatsoever, but for the false belief that Mexico is encroaching upon our soil.  A belief firmly discounted by the fact that these “encroachers who rob us, murder us, raper our women, etc. are at the lowest point since 1969.  Not to mention the reality that “illegal aliens” are responsible for a proportionally very low rate of crime in the U.S. and, in trump’s words, contribute “bigly” to our economy.


Yet; the bigots who put him into office refuse to accept fact, for they prefer to bolster their hatred and racism with “alternative facts” in the form of fear-mongering rhetoric.

Just the sheer logic of it should send the racists to their closets in shame, if they would stop bleating like the sheep they are long enough to consider simple logic.  Think about it; would you, if you were seeking a better way of life for yourself and your family, take the associated dangers and risks of getting here just to rob, murder and rape? Such an argument makes no sense whatsoever.  Especially considering the ease in which such conduct can be committed where they already live.

So, as the puppet on the end of Putin’s strings, Trump is playing into the masterfully played game of high stakes, million-dollar chess pieces, and Trump is betting this entire nation on his dim-witted and futile game of remedial checkers.

The United States, after Trump has alienated the entire planet, will be standing alone.  And although we most certainly have the largest, most capable military ever conceived, it will be of no consequence.

For; rather than building the necessary infrastructure to support our own extreme consumption habits; an infrastructure that has long ago been left behind to rot, before he alienates all we depend upon, he, just as he always has, made his moves backasswardly – alienating all we depend upon before we can possibly provide for ourselves.

Putin is claiming Trump’s checkers as rapidly as Trump is issuing his absurd executive orders.  Yet; in his all-consuming, unearned arrogance, he is blind to even his own ignorance.

Like Hitler, he’s completely incapable of seeing rationality, or even a glimmer of reality, for his ego is the singular guiding light he follows; not the sacrifice of office who so many before him have committed themselves to; not the sanctity of humanity; not even a morsel of decency and care for the rest of humanity.

id is he; id is an Adolph Hitler who now sits in his “Eagle’s Nest” demanding absolute, blind allegiance and takes it to the completely irrational and juvenile level of a personal attack if those orders are not adhered to in lockstep manner.

id, the likes of which the only difference between Trump and Hitler is a mere 81 years of history; history already forgotten by all those who fell in love with a maniacal game-player who’s destined to lose it all.  Again.

And that loss will surely not effect himself; rather it’ll be all the members of society, even those of us who refused select him as the next Führer.   Those who, despite clear warnings to the contrary, propelled him into power through their own fascist hate and bigotry.

Their very own id

The Nazi assault on the roots of civilization has been a defining feature of the twentieth century. Hitler was the epicentre of that assault. But he was its chief exponent, not its prime cause.

Kershaw, Ian. Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris . W. W. Norton & Company. Kindle Edition.

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