The Battle of the Kim Twins

Are they different

Battle of the Kims

As is the norm, I spent the morning yesterday catching up with the news.  The news is my heroin, with which I must have my fix before I can function throughout the day.

Hopelessly addicted and frequently spending hours reading as many sources as I can find on any event, or topic that catches my eyes.  As painful as it is, I’ll even read Fox News just to make certain I’m not developing a closed-minded perspective, although watching Chris Wallace and Shepherd Smith provide some much needed grounding with that media outlet.

Then it happened; this morning, I came across a story on TomDispatch titled “Trump And The Geopolitics Of Crazy”.

I’ve been insisting that Trump and Kim were identical mental twins with absolutely nothing upstairs between the both of them, since November 2016, so I’m not certain the title was intended to solicit the comparison it did, or it was simply coincidental since I’ve already seen the twin vibe between the two in action.

Reading the headline, my mind immediately filled in the blanks and was again reminded of the undeniable commonality of the two most insane leaders the planet has likely seen in many decades – Kim Jong-un and Kim Dung-un.

We have two dead planets caught in an a shrinking orbit around one another with an eminent collision in the very near future.  A collision that will; note I did not say could, but WILL create a catastrophe beyond anything we’ve witnessed as human beings.

I wondered; Is there even an ounce of hope that Trump’s Americans will finally realize the error of their horrendously poor decision in November 2016, and like me, to the core of their inner self as did I, see and feel the dire consequences this situation constructs?  Understand the very high potential for the complete destruction of the entire planet?  And, if they do wake up, will they join me and demand Congress do something about the one lunatic we can?  Just as with Kim Jong-un, Kim Dung-un has become a cult and I fear it will be damned difficult to rid ourselves of the “Dear Leader.”


Though I’ve tried to ignore for eight long, frightening, humiliating and embarrassing months, the desperation that is now welling up inside me like a pending heart attack thumping against the inner walls of my chest reminds me daily of the fears, the shame and the concern for all civilization.

There will be no gathering of marbles spilled, or a rapid closing of a book far too frighteningly realistic to read.

It is as unimaginable as it is inescapable and reprehensible; the United States has managed to unite the worst election results, EVER, with decades of ignoring an imbalanced political leader obsessed with obtaining the nuclear plague.  And now; we have a new one, obsessed with unleashing the largest collection of that plague on the planet.

Trump’s bottomless and lightless pit of mental ineptness makes it impossible for him to lead a troop of Boy Scouts, much less the United States.  His disturbing mental short-circuit that gives rise to the battle of the Kims is as obvious as the sun creating daylight.

The man is utterly incapable of governing and of leadership, which is precisely why he hides behind Twitter; hoping he can somehow sway the public and Congress alike to just take his direction in one hundred forty characters or less.

Like a teeny bopper, incessantly tweeting disparaging remarks directed towards the person(s), or media with whom he’s agitated on that particular day.  The mindless moron can’t comprehend the responsibility that is his to bear and is oblivious to the dire consequences the United States is reaping in his ineptness.

Rather than face those he “fires” face to face like a man, he either tweets it, or sends an errand boy to do his work for him.  He’s even tweeting, rather than speaking directly to Congress, that he’ll shut the government down if he doesn’t get his way with his wall of shame.

Even he knows he’s incapable of leadership.  His only experience with such is directives and directives is not governing.  The simple reality is that he’s doing everything in his power to turn our republic into a tweeting dictatorship.

So; as if the news wasn’t perilous enough, I watched Kim Dung-un’s completely disconnected, incomprehensible rant, the likes of which even he hasn’t topped.  Yet!

In his usual style, he spontaneously concocted lie after lie, bogus story after bogus story, all in a string of disjointed, disconnected nonsense; stories that were nothing more than the rantings of the lunatic he is, and none of which had anything whatsoever to do with the needs of the United States, or even his obscenely early reelection campaign.

In the juxtaposition of the recent Trump election with the existence of Kim, we now live in an extraordinarily frightening and unstable environment, with two raving psychopaths in both the western and eastern hemispheres of this planet; our home; our ONLY home.

There exists a very real and firm (27.6%) nexus between terrorism and mental illness and that nexus is currently in manic mode in the Battle of the Kims as they, together, terrorize the entire planet.

The results of the November 2016 election gave us our very own illiterate, disjointed from reality, dictator Kim Dung-un and he’s doing all he can to return the United States to the pre-20th Century mentality, wherein hate, xenophobia and racism was the accepted norm.

Trump represents the same ugly, unacceptable, oppressive form of government that exists in North Korea today; a psychopathic dictatorship governing with extreme dogmatic rule; the dismantlement of our eyes and ears in the behavior of government – the media, the destruction of our freedom of speech, reversal of scientific findings and even inhibiting future scientific research.

The Battle of the Kims could very well usher to the front row, the dismantlement of our republic, or even worse; the destruction of the entire planet and the ONLY way we’re going to prevent that is to never stop calling for Kim Dung-un’s removal.

North Korea, Putin and KKK

2 thoughts on “The Battle of the Kim Twins

  1. Maybe, if we’re really lucky, Kim Jung-un will be so enamored with his soulmate, he’ll keep him in North Korea as a playmate and let the rest of the world breath a sigh of relief.

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