Let’s make one thing very clear from the start; this is my blog, so the opinions within are, without question, correct and accurate.  It is abundantly clear to all that my insight into the topic is thorough, precise and unquestionably accurate and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.  You cannot electronically enter the Net and punch my ticket; you cannot call the local law enforcement for harassing you; you cannot even swear at me effectively; can you?

You don’t like it?  Too damned bad!

So; let’s get on with it; shall we?

1. The Electoral College has, once again, proven its worthless existence by placing the biggest buffoon ever into the Oval Office, that buffoon being, of course, Donald Trump.

2. Said buffoon is the biggest embarrassment to the nation; at least since leisure suits were a thing anyway.

3. The only thing more embarrassing than leisure suits would be the President of the United States  tripping on his own tie, or the waste of his pants rolling over from the pressure of his ample belly.

trump tie

Or perhaps his opponent wearing bath robes to campaign rallies?

HIllary Bathrobe

MY well-researched perspective is: We have entered a veritable political Twilight Zone wherein we all speak a common language, yet we have no idea what in Hell we’re saying to one another.  So, in order to clarify, we repeat the same position even more firmly and vociferously with each reiteration.  After all; that’s how we, as “rulers of the animal kingdom”, are supposed to communicate, isn’t it?  That’s how we begin to understand one another as fellow human beings/U.S. citizens/liberals and conservatives, right?

To forcefully reaffirm our own thoroughly enlightened perspective so those who are not as intellectually gifted as ourselves will inevitably see the error of their ways is how we reach common ground; is it not?


The positive and negative aspects of existence as a human being, esp. the inevitable events such as birth, childhood, adolescence, love, sex, reproduction, aging, and death AND POLITICS

A fascinating thing about humans; we inherently choose a tribe in which to function and with which to identify.  Imbedded in our very DNA is an undeniable survival characteristic, that of belonging to a group.

Our prehistoric ancestors established this trait simply for the need to survive the harsh environment in which they lived.  Adhering to the genetic code, we continue to do so likewise, but we now select and promote truly pointless abstracts too, as though our lives depend upon our tribal selection; our schools as if our lives depended upon the selection (I know!  I repeated myself.  It “made you understand; right”?); our nation of origin; our favored football team; our political affiliation.

The implication of the tribal “politics” is filled with treachery and devastation for the human race.  Our membership in that particular tribe seems to require that we freely and vehemently deny the one truly important group its due validation – “tribe humanity”.

There’s a place where I can aggressively offend you; the only place I can demean you without threat of retaliation, or embarrassment; the place which provides anonymity for all perspective-mongers.

The Net!

I can think of nowhere that provides such freedom, yet such destructive capability, as the “World Wide Net”.  Here, we can express our thoughts, ideas and opinions without mercy, without respect for another’s perspective.

The once unwritten rule of human interaction and communication; “the rule of respect for one another’s perspectives” has been left at the firewall.  Our ability to communicate effectively has been reduced to an unwanted virus, or malware.

I reiterate!  My opinion is the one that matters.  It is without doubt accurate and valid.  My opinion trumps yours (pun intended).  My group is far more important to the existence of humanity than yours will ever be.

So deal with it.


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