Partisan Tribalism and Injustice

Tribalist Sheep
Photo Courtesy NY Magazine

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.            Martin Luther King, Jr.

Despite our efforts to eradicate them, the indelible memories of distasteful, pernicious events implanted in our minds return, often unannounced, flooding our thoughts with the same emotions we experienced when they occurred.

For me, the most detested, unpleasant of those memories are the stench and injustice of racism and xenophobia which permeated life during the nineteen-fifties and sixties.  Hovering in the air like a poisonous gas it surreptitiously invaded our souls the moment we disregarded the dangers and breathed in the noxious fumes of bigotry.  The poison didn’t just exist, it thrived.

After the moderate successes of the Civil Rights Movement, we erroneously assumed injustice was subdued, relegated to the dark, foul sewage that is atrocious memories.  However, in truth it was simply laying in wait to continue its destructive invasion; awaiting willing hosts to spread it among the witless.

Bigotry’s twin, injustice, seemed to wane a bit as well, but together they now creep along the paths of humanity, seeking the slightest of opportunities to infect.  Well camouflaged amongst assumption and opinion, injustice is unconditionally destructive to individuals and entire civilizations deluded by its capricious nature as it worms into the cracks and crevices created by naïveté and opinion.

Capitalizing on the naive and opinionated, are those who seek to advance their self-serving agendas.  The guilty, the sanctimonious and the narcissistic, using rhetorical dogma and diversion to segregate themselves from truth and attempt to create the illusion that justice is injustice for them, thereby perverting justice for us all.  Yet; far more worrisome are the willing blind who accept absolutely, these unfounded and apocryphal claims of justice.

We’ve grown accustomed to watching the legal system unfold before our eyes in the various forms of media.  Likewise; we’ve grown accustomed to inserting our opinions, judging juries, and denigrating the courts, but due process must remain blind; it cannot be commutated using hegemony and opinion disguised as justice and it must be allowed to run its course, despite our discomfort with the outcome.

As our elected officials attempt to disrupt and thwart justice for the sake of partisan dogma, take care that your own patrimonial naïveté and tribalistic partisanship doesn’t permit the worms of injustice to creep into and consume your mind.

People say satire is dead.  It’s not dead; it’s alive and living in the White House.  Robin Williams

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