Resistance Inside the Trump Administration


Today, The New York Times published an OP Ed with the title; “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration”.

many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

Let’s assume, for a moment, this shallow, misguided effort was indeed written by an “official” from within the administration.  What does he/she hope to accomplish?  What are this person’s motives and how do they intend to achieve their goals?

If this is as it appears, it scares the Hell out of me, and it damned well should you too.

As much as I despise Trump, I have very serious concerns about this “letter” and those portrayed within; suppose every president is saddled with a person/people surreptitiously subverting our leader(s) to “protect the nation”?

But we believe our first duty is to this country, and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.

There truly could not be a better excerpt from a Hollywood storyline about anarchism, or endless revolution.

Keep in mind; these officials are NOT elected.  Rather, they are appointed, so from where do they derive their authority?  And if from nowhere; what, in a republic built around the concept of democratic principles, will self-appointed authority accomplish but chaos?

And, if they simply assume this authority, what then becomes of our government, indeed our republic, when the few, or even more sinisterly, the one, decide they have a better way than those elected by you and me?

Is this not saying “I know better than one-hundred, thirty million Americans”?  Is this not saying; “I don’t approve of the way the election turned out, so I’m taking matters into my own hands”?  And, if this is indeed the sentiment, where/when does it stop? 

This person/people seem to think fulfilling their “first duty to this country” is to supplant the very democratic principles they swore to protect, but to simply agree with their results, despite their methods, is inviting disaster on an epic scale.

A nation is at its most precarious point when a few decide to usurp its elected leader(s) and democratic processes.

We’ve been given the means with which we can remove an irrational, amoral, psychopathic moron from office.  That means is the Constitution of the United States.  And, if our elected representatives in DC cannot find the courage they espoused during their campaigns, then the governors of the states need to take action.

We have redundancy wihin redundancies in safe-guards to protect our republic and the last I heard, a few disenchanted appointed officials weren’t included in those redundancies.

5 thoughts on “Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

  1. Trump promised to drain the swamp, and the swamp and/or the Deep State is fighting back.

    In my view one of the core ideological wars in the age of Trump is globalism vs. economic nationalism. Trump threatens to upend the globalist order.

    The danger in this letter is it could normalize a government worker resisting a President because they voted for the loser.

    I believe in conscience rights (the right to refuse doing something that violates your conscience), but a refusal to follow authority (in government or a corporation) is usually insubordination.

    1. You’re right on the point, Christopher. It’s an ideological war, sadly enough, a war in which Trump is disastrously ill-suited to fight. He may have some brilliance in very specific areas, but politics is so far out of his league, he’s like watching a six-year old driving an eighteen-wheeler on Southern California freeways during rush hour.

      I’m nowhere near capable of seeing what’s real and what’s not in this arena, but I strongly suspect, and have done so since it began, that the investigation into “collusion” is utterly unfounded and pointless, beyond an attempt to discredit Trump by the people he thinks he can upend.

      My contention is that Trump is not even remotely suited for the office in which he’s in. He’s grossly unaware of global issues, a pathological liar who doesn’t even realize he’s lying, he should never have run, and should, for the sake of the world, resign before he inadvertently generates a disaster of epic proportions while trying to be some witless comic book hero – a disaster from which there is no return.

      However; I detest the efforts of his staff to subvert his agenda surreptitiously by taking such extraordinary efforts into their own hands, thereby determining U.S. policy on their own terms. It is reprehensible, it sows seeds of malevolence for virtually every subsequent national leader on the planet, in every nation, for the foreseeable future and endangers the world every bit as much as Trump’s arrogant ignorance does.

      I really enjoy your comments, Christopher. I find them quite refreshing and even grounding at times.

      Thanks for stopping by again.

      1. Trump is definitely no policy wonk or brilliant intellect. When is the last time he read a book? But he does have a strong level of street smarts, and fighter instincts. He’s also great at “branding” his opponents with killshot nicknames. Crooked Hillary is firmly embedded in the public consciousness.

        He’s the Looney Tunes equivalent of the Tasmanian Devil, causing chaos and disruption all around him. I find it enormously entertaining to watch!.

        Strangely though, he has had some successes. He brought Kim Jong to the negotiating table (time will tell if it works out), and he is getting NATO countries to contribute more money on defense spending.

        Time will tell if he can get better trade deals for the US. He risks starting a worldwide recession.

        He will never resign, but he might get impeached or assassinated.

      2. Yep. Trump would rather die than admit failure and resigning would certainly be the biggest failure he’s ever encountered. I hadn’t thought of the Tasmanian Devil correlation, that’s a perfect analogy of Trump. From what I’ve read, I’m not sure he reads anything beyond the newspapers. I saw in reading that he never read any of the textbooks in school either. Instead, he borrowed someone’s notes and tried to memorize them, although I have my doubts about the accuracy of that story. Memorizing that volume of information would take far more than what it seems Trump has.

        The Kim Jong Un thing is indeed very interesting, maybe due to the mental connections between two Tasmanian Devils :-).

        Yeah, he’s a good negotiator if the focus is entirely monetary. To him, virtually everything is about money and if someone wins in his zero sum perspective, even a bit, he loses.

        He doesn’t understand (or maybe he understands and doesn’t like it) the intermingled diplomatic, military, and national security connections in them. The Iran agreement is a perfect example of his shallow perspective. Iran is and has been in compliance since the agreement’s inception. Having Iran somewhat under control is not just a threat reduction, but even a deterrent to other potential maniacs Iran doesn’t tolerate. And you bring up a huge concern too – global recession, or worse.

        Thanks, I’ll check the comic book link. Should be entertaining.

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